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Go Where The Money Is: Grants and Other Incentives to Buy Property

Go Where The Money Is: Grants and Other Incentives to Buy Property

By: Temitayo Osinubi of

If you grew up like me you grew up in an environment that was, shall we say, less than supportive when it came to home ownership. You heard a lot of myths surrounding owning property:

I can’t afford it.
Owning houses is for rich folks.
It’s too expensive because something always needs fixing.

I know I’m not the only one. Now what if I told you that not only were all of the above false, but it’s actually easier to buy a house than to rent an apartment?!

You heard right. Your eyes do not deceive you. In a lot of cases lenders standards are less stringent than apartment landlords. It’s also easier to stay in your house in case, lord forbid, you do run into hard times. There are several ways to stop a foreclosure, funds and agencies specifically designed to keep you in your house. There are very few if any such agencies to stop an eviction if you fall behind on your rent. That should tell you all you need to know.

As with most myths there’s always a nugget of truth in there. But it’s past time we stopped consuming the empty calories in those destructive, self-sabotaging myths and got a heath dose of facts!

In yet another life-changing course, Andre Hatchett gives away some much good game you damn near feel like you’re stealing from the brother, as well as the properties once you follow the strategies he outlines. There’s literally more free money available than people who can get it, you just have to be willing to put in the work.

I wish I found this course in high school. My life would be completely different But as the old saying goes; there’s no time like the present. It all comes down to the; OWN OR BE OWNED!!! The property values will go up with or without you, so are you going to get this free money, or nah?

Watch this. It might help you get your next home!

An use the code “ownassets35” before 8-`17-17 and save 35% on any of our courses at

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