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The Golden State Warriors Plan To Visit D.C., Just Not The White House

The Golden State Warriors Plan To Visit D.C., Just Not The White House

By Ryan Velez

One may recall the drama that went on when the Golden State Warriors refused an invitation to the White House after their NBA championship win last year. This earned Steph Curry and the Warriors a formal disinvite via Twitter, but the team didn’t really seem to belabor the issue much. Now, months later, Madame Noire reports that they plan to come to D.C. after all, but won’t be paying Trump a visit.

As of right now, they are commemorating their 2016-2017 title win by choosing a local venue (yet to be decided) where they can meet with local children. This is less about saving face and more about a chance to help, as the event will be closed off to media. Head coach Steve Kerr revealed to ESPN that the decision was left with the team to choose how they would spend their visit:

“It’s their championship. They got disinvited to the White House, so it’s up to them what they wanted to do. So, they made their plans.

“I want the players to have a good day and to do something positive and to enjoy what they’re doing.” Both Curry and fellow Warrior Kevin Durant have not been shy about expressing their feelings about Trump. Curry mentioned around the time of the original controversy that the team was ready to vote whether they should go to the White House to make sure they were on the same page.

“We’re not trying to divide and separate this country.”

“We’re trying to bring everybody together and speak about love and togetherness and equality. I think that was demonstrated in response to what happened this morning, which is a powerful thing for sure.”

According to sources, the team considered several other options for their visit including a trip to Durant’s hometown of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. In addition, two members of the Democratic party, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi extended invites to the Warriors to celebrate winning their second championship in three years at the U.S. Capitol. The choice they ultimately made was to keep a personal spin on things and leave politics out of it. Draymond Green explained that it was about keeping things positive in a time where politics has gone negative.

“At the end of the day, it’s about us celebrating a championship, so there’s no point in getting into the political stuff and all that.”

“It’s about something we did great. Why make it about [politics]?”


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