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Google Invests $1 Million in Internet Security Research

Google Invests $1 Million in Internet Security Research

By Angela Wills

It seems that Google is attempting to make their company a bit more secure in the upcoming year. They have allocated $1,000,000 to pay for research into an improved drive security. This is in reference to the company’s Drive cloud storage mechanism. In addition, they recently released their guide to Search Quality Rates. This guide looks into life, money, and what they see as high-quality site worthy of ranking.

Google Invests Money into Drive Security

Google says that file safety is extremely important to them. The drive security funding prompted comments from the company. In a blog post they stated that they are appreciative of the security researcher who assist them in maintaining high priority drive security. They state that they plan to allocate $1 million to them for additional funding. In addition, they mentioned their plans to continue to give $20,000 to anyone who identifies and issue. Of course the issue must be a valid one that points out a severe problem with drive security.

GOOGLE: Money and Life

The company released their Search Quality Rater’s guide about a month ago. One of the sections of the guide references your money or your life pages. The company talks about how there is a great deal of content on the web, but they focus on web pages that can have an effect on people’s life and money. According to Google, these web pages hold higher value than the standard pages. These pages include financial information, medical info, health information, etc. The idea is, the company prioritizes people’s money and life before any other factor.

GOOGLE Addresses Design

Google says that the design and content posting on websites plays an important role in ratings. They say that they want the most important aspect of the page to be plainly visible to the user. They credit mobile optimization as being extremely important because of this.

GOOGLE Addresses Meeting Needs

This is one of the most important issues to Google. When a user enters info into the search bar, they are expecting appropriate results to filter. The company emphasizes that the most average user must be pleased when searching with Google.

Takeaways of the GOOGLE Rater’s Guide

There are several major takeaways from this guide. The greatest one is Google’s decision to prioritize your life and your money. They deem pages like that higher in standard and it serves as an advantage to the people. The next biggest takeaway is when accessing a site, make certain the content is clear and simple to see. Make the main point easy to see and visible to the visitor immediately. The guide is a great reference to reference when asking questions regarding page rating. The guide is extremely long, but definitely worth the read for those interested.


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