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Google Shares the Five Pillars Employees Need To Succeed at the Workplace

Google Shares the Five Pillars Employees Need To Succeed at the Workplace

By Victor Ochieng

Team work is very important for every organization as it helps get things done faster. To fully understand its employees and to unearth the traits needed in order to succeed in a working environment, Google carried out a research that involved interviewing 200 of its workers over the past two years, as well as an analysis of the various traits and skills exhibited by different teams within the company.

From the research, Google realized that employees perform best when they trust one another and are free to take risks without any fear of ridicule in case something doesn’t work out.

“This research gives a language to the things that I think are not necessarily rocket science but creates a structure to talk,” Roya Soleimani, a spokeswoman for the company, told The Huffington Post.

The research findings are coming at a time when most of the leading tech companies are making efforts to diversify their workforce, and it’s believed that Google will use the report findings to create a work environment that attracts people of diverse backgrounds and works towards keep them in the job. Currently, the number of women at Google represents 30% of its total workforce, with whites representing 70% of total employees of both genders.

“If you want a diversity of ideas and people, that goes back to psychological safety and clarity and trust,” Soleimani said. “As a company we’re working on this in every way possible.”

Below are the five pillars necessary for employees to succeed as found by the Google research;

Psychological safety – Employees need to feel safe in front of their colleagues. That safety would make them confident enough to take risks, understanding that they’ll be supported in their endeavors as opposed to being castigated.

Dependability – Team members work together, with every member competently delivering their part, resulting in faster and quality completion of work.

Structure and Clarity – For a team to be efficient, roles of every member must be clearly defined and every member must be acquainted with the team’s plans and goals in relation to their specific roles.

Meaning – The work that’s being done should have some personal importance to the employee. The employee should feel that by doing the job, they are acquiring personal growth as well.

corporate america

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