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HBCU Alum Saved Enough Money to Quit Her Job And Travel For 1.5 Years

HBCU Alum Saved Enough Money to Quit Her Job And Travel For 1.5 Years

Reported by Ryan Brennan

A young woman is helping to prove that it is possible to quit your job, follow your dreams, and find success at the same time. Deidre Mathis, an alumna of Florida A&M University, did just that and is now telling the world of her journey and how quitting her job was the scariest, yet smartest move she has ever made.

Mathis (pictured) always dreamed of traveling the world. After she quit her job, she aimed to do just that. Already, she has over 24 countries stamped in her passport. On the verge of adding six more this year, as well as a tour already planned to promote her new book, Mathis is enjoying her life the way she wanted to.

Black Enterprise sat down and interviewed her to get a more in-depth explanation of what she did, what she is doing, and how it has affected her life.

When asked where her interest in world travel came from, Mathis stated that it all started when she traveled to the Dominican Republic during her junior year of college. “I literally got hooked on seeing the world,” said Mathis. “So I made it a point to utilize every opportunity I had to gain international exposure.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover that traveling the world will cost a lot of money. Anyone preparing to do so should plan ahead and start saving up to help pay for any expenses. Mathis figured this out quickly and planned ahead of time. She explained, “I knew that I wanted to take time off when I finished my master’s degree, so for two years, I saved money very aggressively and paid off as many monthly bills as possible.” Her method proved worthy of trying, as she was “able to live off my savings for 1.5 years.”

When asked where her inspiration came from to write her new book, Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional, Mathis said that there was a demand for it.

“People were genuinely interested in my life story. First as a minority woman who traveled, then as a solo traveler, and lastly as a budget traveler,” she said. “I decided to write this book to share my story and hopefully motivate people to stop making excuses on why they couldn’t travel.”


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