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How a FL Poet Turned YouTube Channel into a $800,000 Income

How a FL Poet Turned YouTube Channel into a $800,000 Income

By Bandana Babu

John A. Baker, Jr. better known as Spoken Reasons, is one of the biggest internet celebrities. He is a comedian, actor, producer, and poet from Bradenton, Florida. The 26-year-old has a net worth of around $800,000.

He started his career by creating a YouTube Channel, which now has over 1.7 million subscribers. As of December 2014, statistics showed that his channel had more than 250 million total views!

His videos helped him get noticed by director Paul Feig, and from that, he made his film debut in 2013 with the 20th Century Fox comedy The Heat, which starred Sandra Bullock.  He played a supporting role as ‘Rojas.’ The movie definitely helped him to get noticed.

The self-made star is also famous for the web series “Relationship Games,” which he writes and produces. Reasons has appeared in episodes of the Brazilian TV series “CQC – Custe o Que Custar” in 2013 as well. He also gained some fame from his role in “Real Husbands of Hollywood” in 2014.

Reasons has worked with many famous personalities, including entertainment industry legend Russell Simmons and Priscilla Renea. Reasons even partnered with Simmons’s All Def Digital in 2013.

Spoken Reasons follows a mantra in his life— #FCHW (Faith, Consistency, and Hard Work), and he makes the best use of his YouTube channel to promote this to his millions of subscribers.

Reasons has indeed come a long way from the onset of his career.

Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story (Courtesy of Dr Boyce Watkins):

1) If you want your children to be able to compete in the 21st century, make sure they are in-tune with the digital age. The Internet is earning trillions of dollars for those who know how to use it. Much of this revenue is being earned off of black people who think that Twitter and Facebook are only meant for socializing. Every time you tweet or hit the like button, somebody is getting paid. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg earns more in a week than LeBron James earns in an entire year.

2) The Internet has democratized media in such a way that African Americans no longer have to beg others to allow our message to get to the masses. This is critically important in our quest for equality.  By harnessing the power of technology, we can create more black millionaires than the NBA and NFL combined.   Forming tech incubators in your local community and participating in crowd funding projects for promising young black people who build tech-based businesses might be the way you can be a part of this wealth-generating process.  There is a ton of money being made on the Internet.  In fact, its equivalent to the California gold rush, where many whites made fortunes over 100 years ago.

black people and money

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