Andre C. Hatchett: How Do I Start a Business? YOU START!!!!

Andre C. Hatchett: How Do I Start a Business? YOU START!!!!

How do you start a Business?


First Step: You can start big. Or start small. But you better start!

What I tell my clients to do is first find the name for their company.

Then buy the domain name. Godaddy.com sells domain names for 99 cents a year.

DONT WAIT FOR THIS STEP. Do it at once. There is something emotional that takes over you when you take steps that you can see. It builds confidence and motivation.

Second Step: Association Is Key

Get rid of all the negative people who don’t believe in themselves or you. Studies show that you’re an average of the five people who you spend the most time with. This is real. So you must be around people going where you are headed or that are already there. You need positivity. Read the books “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, and “The Wealth Choice” by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. These books will tighten your mind against 1. Self-doubt  2. Doubt from others 3. Hard times. All of these things will probably happen, and these books will keep you on track.


Third Step: Its A Mental Thing

Prepare yourself mentally to work harder than you EVER have before. If you left your 9-5, you now have to work 6am-11pm. Many people including myself had the idea “I’m not working for the man. I’m doing what I want when I want.” Wrong attitude. Get ready to bust your ass!


Forth Step: Talk It Out

This is a HUGE ONE. As you probably know, many relationships end because of finances. If you’re in a committed long term relationship and you rely on your partner for money for whatever reason, you need to have a plan in place. If they are supportive financially with bills and or for your business that’s great. They might even say, “honey whatever you need I’m here for you, I will pay for everything until things get rolling”.  But we all have a limit.  And when you lean on someone to long, resentment builds up. What you guys need to have in place is a safe conversation. Like during “adult time” couple have a word that they say when its time to stop. A similar word or conversation needs to happen when the person paying the bills has hit their limit.  It must be said in a calm relaxed manner and atmosphere. And at this point the Business Owner must get a job. Full time or part time. But it must be clear in the beginning.


Fifth Step: Dump The Baggage

Many of us are carrying old junk. Parent issues. Resentment. You stopped talking to a friend and it’s bothering you. DUMP IT. Owning your own business is so emotionally draining you must have a clean soul. So make total peace with your past. So you can have a FANTASTIC FUTURE.


Sixth Step: Vision Wall

Write down or type up exactly what you want. EXACTLY. Where you want to live. How much you are going to make. What your business will do for the world. What your next business will be. And put it on the wall where you can see it. And say it out loud 10 times a day or more.

If  you are in need of a Success or Business Coach, I can be reached at Info@UpYourGive.com


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