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How does a man owe $30,000 in child support for a baby that’s not his own?

How does a man owe $30,000 in child support for a baby that’s not his own?

by Stephan Kani

On Tuesday February 16th a contentious court ruling forced a man to pay $30,000 for a child whom both he and the court know is not his. The ruling came as a big blow to the man who was keen on clearing his name. Carnell Alexander had been fighting the court for years after a big misunderstanding 35 years ago.

In 1980 his girlfriend at the time needed a name to put down as the father of the child and she put Alexander so that she could receive welfare. She did this even though she was fully aware that Alexander was not the father of the child. Alexander did not know of this child and this arrangement for years. He only knew this when he was stopped by police for traffic violation and was arrested for back child support.

Alexander, after finding this out, tried to look for his ex-girlfriend but with no luck.  He was also unable to hire a private investigator as this was too expensive for him. However he was finally able to locate her through a common friend. This was however after so many years. They finally met in 2013.

After finding her, Alexander claims that the ex-girlfriend apologized and admitted that the child was not his. He went and got a DNA test to prove this and much to his delight, they were both right.

However the case was to prove much trickier than this. The court did not relieve him from the burden of paying the $30,000. The court defended its ruling by claiming that a server had sent Alexander a letter notifying him of the child and the amount he had to pay. The server even cites a day when he claims that Alexander received the letter. Alexander however disputes this claims and said that he has a fool proof alibi. He said that the day that the server claims that he received the letter, he was in prison and he had the news station confirm this.

Forward to recent events, a lawyer has agreed to take the case on a pro-bono basis. However they were shocked when the judge delivered a ruling that left them all baffled. The judge maintained that Alexander should still pay the $30, 000 dollars although the courts, Alexander, the child’s mother and now the adult child all agreed that the Alexander is not the father.

The Michigan Circuit Judge Kathleen McCarthy said “I am outraged that Mr Alexander for two and a half years failed to take this matter seriously.” She also condemned the media for putting the case into the spotlight saying that the media had misrepresented the facts of the case. The judge said that Alexander had three years after birth to file a complaint with the court which he failed to do. Alexander’s lawyer condemned the ruling but said she will be seeking to reduce the amount to be paid. Alexander was still stunned by the ruling saying “How can you start a case with a lie? The mom lied. The processor lied. Now I have to pay for it.”

black people and money

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