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How songs like “These Hoes ain’t loyal” affect the self-esteem of black girls

How songs like “These Hoes ain’t loyal” affect the self-esteem of black girls

Dr Kimberly Brown is a History professor at Alabama State University. She is also a former Miss FAMU and Miss Black Alabama. Dr. Brown discusses her new book, “Queen Like Me” and her efforts to help improve the self-esteem of young black women.

In this interview, Dr. Brown says that mass media’s portrayal of African American women is problematic in a multitude of ways. She says that black women deserve to be supported by all of us and not degraded by some of us.

This also makes us ask ourselves: If the Black Girls Rock movement is empowering women of color, why are they partnering with BET, the same network that celebrates songs with choruses like “These Hoes ain’t loyal?” Are we so busy serving two masters that we are unable to see our own hypocrisy?

Dr. Brown’s interview is compelling and informative. I hope that it reminds all of us to keep speaking up for our girls and teaching them how to be queens. This might also mean standing up to men and institutions that are accustomed to showing complete disrespect.

black women

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