black people and money

How to start a business even when your broke

How to start a business even when your broke

Tiara Kj Williams

Starting a business with no money can be extremely challenging. Once you have created your plan and know your steps, then what? You have worry about promotion, extra help, and how to drive traffic to your business. But how do you do this with no money? How can you successfully start a business if you don’t have any backing?

Trent Dyrsmid, Entrepreneur and creator of The Online Income Lab, says that he is often asked questions about how to start a business online. He says it’s an interesting question because there is not a “right way” to start a business and depending on the person you ask, the answers will likely be different. However, he simply says that he heard long ago that ‘You have to be in business to stay in business.’ This means you have to jump into the water and then adjust your strokes or kicks depending on the flow of the water.

When it comes to African Americans starting businesses, there are a lot of us that want to start businesses but we see the obstacles first. Or we may be afraid to step away from the comfort of a regular job. Though running a business can be really challenging, there are many rewards with hard work. But initially, there are the worries of who’s going to patronize your business, if you can keep your business living and pumping and will you lose money from this venture. According to this video, we can start businesses with absolutely low to now budgets. But you have to stay committed long enough get your results.

In this video, he talks about starting a business with low to no budget. He says that the trick to maintain a good business is to stay the course and find your path.


black people and money

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