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Hugh Hefner’s Beneficiaries Need To Stay Drug-Free To Get Paid

Hugh Hefner’s Beneficiaries Need To Stay Drug-Free To Get Paid

By Ryan Velez

Hugh Hefner likely struck people as a laid-back kind of guy, all the way up until his recent death. However, there is at least one vice that he wanted to try and stop his family and friends from participating in. Celebrity Net Worth reports that if any of the beneficiaries included in his will are found to be a person who “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substances,” they’ll be excluded from the late Playboy publisher’s trust.

These beneficiaries include Hefner’s widow Crystal, as well as his four children Christie, David, Marston, and Cooper. They won’t be subjected to random drug tests like a pro-athlete or employee at various jobs. Instead, the will’s language means that if any of them become dependent on illegal drugs to the point where they can’t take care of themselves, they’re cut off.

Here is the full explanation from Hefner’s will: “If the trustees reasonably believe that a beneficiary of any trust routinely or frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance so as to be physically or psychologically dependent upon that substance, or is clinically dependent upon the use or consumption of alcohol or any other legal drug or chemical substance that is not prescribed by a board certified medical doctor or psychiatrist in a current program of treatment supervised by such doctor or psychiatrist, and if the Trustees reasonably believe that as a result the beneficiary is unable to care for himself or herself, or is unable to manage his or her financial affairs, all mandatory distributions to the beneficiary, all the beneficiary’s withdrawal rights, and all of the beneficiary’s rights to participate in decisions concerning the removal and appointment of Trustees will be suspended.”

Trustees will have the authority to call for drug testing on any of Hefner’s beneficiaries if they suspect drug abuse. However, Hefner did have some provisions in the will that are a bit merciful. Trustees also have the authority to restore the agreed upon disbursement of funds if the beneficiary in question if “examinations indicate no such use for 12 months” and the “Trustee in their discretion determine that the beneficiary is able to care for himself or herself.”

Sudden infusions of money without the mindset to handle it properly can lead to major issues. Hefner at least is trying to provide an incentive for his loved ones to stay on the straight and narrow.


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