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Inspiring a Motivational Movement to Encourage Women Entrepreneurship

Inspiring a Motivational Movement to Encourage Women Entrepreneurship

By Angela Wills

2014 statistics surrounding working class women revealed an alarming reality that has many wondering what can be done to shift the consensus. Women who worked full time in the U.S. generally made only 79% of what men earned, while a meager 14% of leading executive positions were held by women.

Admittedly so, the gender gap has lessened but there is still work to be done and changes to be made. Discussions of why this type of disparity exists in the 21st century and ways to repair this obvious inequality in our society could go on for days. Instead, let’s focus on ways to short-circuit the problem.

Motivating women to fight for equal pay in the workplace is and has always been a mainstream but inspiring them to take a bigger lead and become entrepreneurs is more beneficial.

Here are some of the benefits to taking that step into ownership:

Embracing your Passion

Business entrepreneurship for women is an opportunity for women to love the work they do. It all begins with a plan to put your passion to work and turn that into revenue. It never feels like work when you actually love your job.

Boss Status

There is nothing like being your own boss and as an employee, you never want to disappoint the boss. Of course the initial years of business will be demanding and sometimes frustrating but you are in charge of your own destiny. The dream you’re working to build is your own and in the end, you’ll get to live the dream.

The Experience

Moving on to build your business from the ground up is a fulfilling experience. According to some reports, women entrepreneurs represent some of the happiest people in the world. Happiness doesn’t equate to easy and isn’t for everyone, but the joy of creating a product or delivering a service that customers or clients will love is quite the experience.


Let’s admit it – money is the number one motivator for most female entrepreneurs, and understandably so. The work will likely be harder as someone else’s employee but knowing that all the profits are yours to keep, makes hard work worth it.

The Risk Factor

One of the greatest obstacles women face with business start-up is lack of confidence brought on by fear of failure. This is common and exists even with the start of a new job. However, there must be risks and a willingness to take them in order to succeed in any business. Failure to start due to fear only means lack of success due to failure to start.



black women

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