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iPad Thieves Caught After Taking Selfies To Show Off With Stolen Money

iPad Thieves Caught After Taking Selfies To Show Off With Stolen Money

By Nigel Boys

According to reports, two men who stole an iPad and a large amount of cash out of a truck in Houston, Texas, might have gotten away with it if they hadn’t felt like bragging about the crime by taking pictures of themselves.

The incident happened on Jan. 8 when Randy Shaefer came out of his River Oaks apartment to find that thieves had broken into his truck and gotten away with his iPad and around $5,000 in cash. He immediately reported the theft to the police, but they had no evidence that would lead them to the perpetrators. Shaefer even tried to locate his device using the “Find my Ipad” app that was installed, but he believes it was turned off shortly after it was stolen.

However, by a stroke of good luck for Shaefer and bad luck for the two thieves, the criminals decided to use the iPad to take pictures while they were fanning their faces with the money they had stolen. Unbeknownst to them, the area where they took the selfies was near where the owner had previously connected his iPad to the free Wi-Fi connection at a local Starbucks, according to Shaefer.

Consequently, the selfies were automatically uploaded to Shaefer’s iCloud account and he saw their faces while looking at old pictures with his girlfriend on Jan. 16. On the advice of a friend, he uploaded the pictures to Facebook and Redditt, which was then shared by over 11,000 people.

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black people and money

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