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Jacque Reid: “You have to plan your retirement as if that man is not going to be there.”

Jacque Reid: “You have to plan your retirement as if that man is not going to be there.”

by Liku Zelleke

Jacque Reid is a person that doesn’t need much introduction. She is the co-host of NBC’s New York Live. She is also the former anchor of BET Nightly News. Her public image is one that has been the symbol of professional journalism.

But now, in a recent interview, Jacque talked about more personal matters: dating, her love life, interracial relationships and her new website.

On Dating in New York

Reid is a Southerner; she was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. Although she has lived in New York for 10 years, she still finds the dating scene “interesting.”

“I’m from the South,” she says, “so I’m used to the more traditional type of dating experience.”

“I still appreciate a man coming to pick me up, taking me back home after and making sure I made it back home okay,” she says in comparison to the “independent kind of things” that are usual in the New York dating scene.

On Interracial Dating

“I love all people, but I especially love black people,” Reid says and, “I’m very proud to be African-American, and I wear it on my sleeve.” As for interracial dating, she says that she can’t say she’s against it and is definitely open to it if she were to meet a man that she was compatible with.

On her Website

Reid’s website, was created to encourage women to enjoy life – even when they are single. She says it is about “embracing and celebrating life” and “not being depressed because you bought into societal thinking.”

Using her site, she wants to help women get out of the old traditional mold that defines when they should get married, have kids and build the “perfect family.”

“I debunk that.” Reid says. In fact, she advises her girlfriends: “You have to plan your retirement as if that man is not going to be there.”

Jacque Reid seems to be comfortable with the way things are going in her life and could offer a lot of help to women across the globe.

Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story: 

1) Whether you have money or not, you’re always investing something:  Your time, your energy or your love. Invest in a way that fits the life you want to have later on down the road. 

2) Dating is a huge investment of time and sometimes money.  Make sure you are fully aware of the long-term consequences of those choices.  Trying to fit into society’s mold for your personal life can lead to regrets, but walking away from opportunities to have good relationships may also create regrets.  Make the right decisions for you. 

3) Everyone should play for retirement.  Never wait for another person to save you.  People disappoint us all the time, and you don’t want to be left devastated. 

4) Be careful about being so focused on being independent that you can’t make room for another person in your life.  Relationships always require the investments of compromise and sacrifice.  If you don’t learn this early, you will always wonder why you can’t find a good relationship. 

black people and money

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