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Jay-Z And Beyoncé Now A Billionaire Couple

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Now A Billionaire Couple

By Ryan Velez

A short time ago, we mentioned that Jay-Z was currently the second-richest person in hip-hop after Diddy. Of course, not to be outdone, the day after that formal announcement, he went and garnered the top spot for the first time with a $200 million 360 touring deal with Live Nation. On top of propelling his net worth to $900 million, Jay-Z is now the closest to becoming the first billionaire in hip-hop. Of course, Celebrity Net Worth reports that if you combine his money with wife Beyoncé, they are already a billionaire family, being a true pop culture power couple.

With a total $1.35 billion net worth, perhaps the most impressive thing about the couple’s net worth is that they are relatively young to have earned so much money. With this said, both share reputations for being hard workers in their industries of choice. For example, Beyoncé garnered her sixth solo number one album last summer with Lemonade, brought $256 million in ticket and merchandise sales during her Formation tour, and runs Parkwood Entertainment. This fully functioning media company handles everything from fashion to artist management to filmmaking.

The bulk of their shared net worth is invested in Jay-Z’s companies Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sport, and champagne brand Armand de Brignac. The two also have significant equity in streaming service Tidal, which he purchased for $56 million in 2015. A recent $200 million investment in Sprint propelled its valuation to $600 million, ten times more than what Jay-Z initially paid for it. While he doesn’t have any plans for an upcoming album in the works, Jay-Z does have several festival dates lined up for performances. In addition, with the Live Nation deal, many are anticipating a tour announcement. Tours are one of the biggest moneymakers for musicians, so this could be a significant addition to the couple’s coffers.

One thing is for certain: their daughter Blue Ivy and their upcoming twins will want for nothing moving forward. As they grow and find their own way, it will be interesting to see if they follow the examples of their parents and use business and music to contribute to the total net worth of the family or choose a different path.


  • black people and money

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