Jay-Z Plans On Trademarking Roc-A-Fella Hand Symbol

Jay-Z Plans On Trademarking Roc-A-Fella Hand Symbol

By Ryan Velez

The signature Roc-A-Fella diamond hand symbol played a big part in Jay-Z’s early rise to fame. He and many other music artists have been flashing it for a while now. Now, Jay-Z is looking to bring the symbol formally into this portfolio of money-making ideas, with The Grio reporting that he is trying to trademark the hand symbol for its own.

He applied for the trademark in order to use the hand sign in a number of different entertainment services. These include TV, music, video or film. What’s interesting about this is that the symbol was actually originally a source of legal trouble for Jay-Z. In 2005, professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page took Jay-Z to court over the symbol. Page, who had been using the symbol as a wrestler since the early-mid 90s, technically pre-dated Jay-Z’s music career. While we don’t know exactly what transpired, Jay-Z settled out of court. However, Page never made the move to trademark the symbol afterward. (He has since retired from wrestling). This lapse in judgment may be to Jay-Z’s gain.

This marks one of a swath of trademarks that he is filing lately. Jay is also looking to have his company S. Carter Enterprises trademark the Paper Planes clothing company. He is looking to expand the brand with, most likely, Emory Jones heading things up. His trademarking trend doesn’t end there either. He is also thinking of trademarking a fast food outfit called Hovino. He already has the exclusive 40/40 Club but is looking to venture out into the takeaway business with his own chain.

Some of these trademarks are more controversial than others, like the Jaybo character that appeared in “The Story of O.J.” Here is some insight from our past coverage of the move.

“The trademark was filed by Jay’s company S. Carter Enterprises. In the documents of the filing, the company says it plans to put Jaybo on merchandise including T-shirts, sweaters, and hats, according to the publication. You may even see Jaybo on home goods items including pillow shams, blankets, dinnerware, mugs, cocktail shakers, and thermal containers. The original story of Little Black Sambo was actually praised in its time for being a rare positive portrayal of black children, but its stereotypes have long eclipses any positivity in its legacy.”



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