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Jesse Jackson Jr. Released From Halfway House, Moved To Home Confinement

Jesse Jackson Jr. Released From Halfway House, Moved To Home Confinement

jesse jackson halfway house release

April V. Taylor

Jesse Jackson Jr., the disgraced former Illinois U.S. Representative, has been released from a Baltimore halfway house. He had been living had the halfway house since March, when he was released from federal prison after spending a total of 17 months in North Carolina and Alabama federal prisons.

He will serve out the remainder of his sentence under home confinement at his Washington, D.C. resident. The home confinement, supervised by the Bureau of Prisons, will end on September 20, 2015. Jackson received at least a three month reduction in his sentence after completing a substance abuse program while in prison. According to the Associated Press, Jackson will complete 500 hours of community service and will spend three years on supervised release.

Jackson is the son of civil rights leader and former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson. Jackson’s wife Sandra will now be serving her one year prison sentence for falsifying tax returns. A judge graciously allowed the couple to serve their prison sentences consecutively so that one of them could care for their children while the other was locked up. Sandra is expected to report for her prison sentence once her husband has completed his Bureau of Prison supervision.

The couple’s prison sentences were the result of campaign money being spent on personal items including fur capes, mounted elk heads, Bruce Lee memorabilia, thousands of dollars on children’s furniture, and a gold-plated Rolex watch. Prosecutors found that some $750,000 was spent on those items. Jackson plead guilty to a felony fraud count in February 2013. Sandra Jackson was sentenced for filing false joint federal income tax returns for the couple.

Jackson served in Congress from 1995 until November 2012 when he resigned. Prior to allegations of being involved with raising campaign funds for imprisoned former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in exchange for being appointed to Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat and the fallout from his imprisonment, Jackson’s political career seemed promising.



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