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Job Growth Stronger Under Obama Than Trump

Job Growth Stronger Under Obama Than Trump

By Ryan Velez

One of Donald Trump’s major selling points during his campaign was to bring more jobs, something that appealed to his working-class base who saw opportunities dwindling. In the same vein, Fox News has been a great asset to him during and prior to his election, providing support while conveniently leaving out just about anything that could be seen as negative. At least, most of the time. The Grio reports that Fox has recently shown the facts: that job growth has been better under Obama than it was under Trump.

The official monthly jobs report for this past December underperformed, with the Labor Department estimating that the economy added only 148,000 jobs in the last month of 2017. When you look at the big picture the average monthly job growth in 2017 was just 171,000 jobs per month. This number is still way down from the 187,000 jobs that were added each month in 2016 when Obama was still President.

Trump’s 171,000 jobs were the lowest average monthly job growth since 2010 when only 88,000 jobs were added to the economy each month. However, this should be little surprise, considering that the country was in the midst of a massive recession. The Fox News research team actually posted the number of average monthly job gains on Twitter, making things look even worse.

•    2017: 171,000

•    2016: 187,000

•    2015: 226,000

•    2014: 250,000

•    2013: 192,000

•    2012: 179,000

•    2011: 174,000

•    2010: 88,000

With Trump’s major goal being to erase many of the gains that Obama made during his presidency, this makes for a black eye on his administration. In addition, the recent Republican tax bill may make things worse. It has been sold as a “trickle-down” effect for those in lower social-economic classes, but most economists believe that the redistribution solely benefits the top earners, with working-class individuals having little to gain. Business owners may not be getting taxed, but one can only wonder what good a few new jobs will do the cost of living ends up skyrocketing.

One would expect this to be one the last things you see on a Fox News account, but one will wonder if these statistics end up being covered, or just swept under the rug.


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