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Judge tells millionaire’s ex-wife to “get a job,” stop depending on alimony

Judge tells millionaire’s ex-wife to “get a job,” stop depending on alimony

What happens when a wealthy couple gets a divorce, and one person is still expected to pay all of the bills for both households?  When this happens, the financial and emotional strain on both parties can be devastating.  The homemaker suddenly finds himself/herself without a bread winner, and the bread winner is force to financially support an old life while trying to create a new one.

A wealthy horse surgeon in London went through this with his ex-wife, paying over $112,000 per year in alimony and child support.  As he approached retirement, he asked the judge for a reduction.  The judge then told his ex-wife that there is no reason that she should expect an income for life just because she was once married to a wealthy man.

That’s what this episode of Financial Lovemaking is all about.  Take a listen to the podcast or watch the video.


Financial Lovemaking

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