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Just Because It’s Funny: Rallo from “Cleveland Show” Rapping about Money

Just Because It’s Funny: Rallo from “Cleveland Show” Rapping about Money

You might laugh, you might not.   But here is a video from “The Cleveland Show” with Rallo, the youngest boy on the show, rapping about fiscal responsibility.  He’s rapping in front of an audience of kindergartners, so, as you might expect, it didn’t go over so well.

Laying more deeply into stereotypes, the little black boy rapping for his friends is being mentored by an older Jewish man who gave him the lyrics for his song.  This is not a time to be serious, but just a chance to laugh.  However, some might say that there is some truth to most stereotypes, and we have to ask ourselves if there is anything that we can all learn from Jewish people and their culture around fiscal responsibility.

By the way, Rallo Tubbs is played by comedian Mike Henry, who does a lot of voices on ” Family Guy,” from which “The Cleveland Show” is a spinoff.   The creator of “The Cleveland Show,” “Family Guy” and “American Dad” is none other than Seth Macfarland.  Seth earned $55 million dollars last year and is well on his way to becoming a billionaire.  He was able to pull this off with the Fox Network by taking a good idea and giving it broad distribution.  Big audiences means big money from advertisers, which means that Seth gets a series of massive paydays.

The video is here, don’t forget to let yourself enjoy it and not take it too seriously.  By the way, the version of the rap we found on Youtube is sideways.  Sorry about that, this is all we could find.

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