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Korryn Gaines’ Family Gets $36 Million In Civil Suit

Korryn Gaines’ Family Gets $36 Million In Civil Suit

By Ryan Velez

One may recall the shooting death of Baltimore native Korryn Gaines in front of her son by police in 2016. The circumstances of her death are still unclear to this day, and like many cases of police violence, it’s been a depressing and unsatisfying road. Madame Noire reports that Gaines’ family is getting some measure of justice, winning $36 million in a civil lawsuit.

The jury found that the officer at the scene, Royce Ruby, did not act reasonably when he fatally shot Gaines and injured her son, 5-year old Kodi. Ruby had already been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, but this case establishes that he violated her rights. The $36 million will be used for medical and funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

The jury awarded $32 million to Kodi, who was injured during the shooting, $300,000 to Korryn Gaines’ father, $300,000 to Korryn Gaines’ mother, $300,000 to Korryn Gaines’ estate, and $4.5 million to Karsyn Courtney, Korryn Gaines’ daughter, who wasn’t in the home when her mother was killed.

Rwanda Dormeus, Korryn’s mother said, “I don’t know how anyone can just extinguish a life, then hide behind a badge. I can’t even get out of bed to do my activities of daily life. I was a registered nurse, a psychiatric nurse. This has ripped me apart. I am not mad with Officer Ruby. I don’t have any space to be mad because my heart is too broken.”

Gaines’ father, Corey Cunningham said, “For Kodi, it means a lot. Now he’s going to be able to get the help he needs. It’s a sad situation what happened, and I’m very glad the jury came back and saw what was going on in that courtroom wasn’t right, and what happened Aug. 1 wasn’t right either.”

The Baltimore County Attorney Mike Field released a statement saying: “A mother died, a child was unintentionally injured, and police officers were placed in mortal danger. By any account, this was a tragic situation. The county is disappointed with the verdict and is reviewing all of its options, including an appeal.” Until that time comes, J. Wyndal Gordon, the family attorney said, “Korryn is smiling today because she got her day in court.”


black people and money

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