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Large Corporations Threaten Economic Boycott Over LGBT Discrimination, Not Racism

Large Corporations Threaten Economic Boycott Over LGBT Discrimination, Not Racism

Reported by Taylor Miller

When Governor Mike Pence passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana last week, many companies began pulling their names and associations away from the Hoosier state. Indiana has additionally had several concerts canceled in the wake of what many are calling discrimination against the LGBT community.

According to Atlanta Black Star, corporations such as Apple, Angie’s List, Ely Lilly and others have called on the governor to clarify or rectify the bill that passed last week, or their companies will hit the state in its most vulnerable spot: the pocketbook. Even Democratic governors have ceased doing business there until changes are made to the law.

Many have said that Indianapolis has become a hot spot of negativity, placing the large city into a pot Pence has yet to rectify. The actions taken by many came with a swift response, an outcry of injustices, and is now being “fixed.” But can that be said for the way African-Americans feel about having unwarranted physical contact by police?

The problem is not that frisking is wrong, it is simply that it is excessive. Many instances of wrongdoing have surfaced regarding many police departments over the last few months. These departments have been exposed of fouling Black citizens for petty crimes; using excessive and many times, deadly force; showing an increase of gun violence; and ultimately earning the distrust of many African-Americans. But yet, there has been no boycott by businesses of any city or state—whether it be Ferguson or New York—when these injustices occur.

“This disparity in response and support illuminates how African-Americans continue to fight their battles primarily by themselves, how some may talk about the injustices, but do little to act on them when Blacks are at the core of the concerns,” said Curtis Brown, an Atlanta Black Star journalist.

This struggle that we all share in as human beings is severed off by what is deemed as important to some and not as important to others. Indiana’s governor has denied that the bill was aimed at the LGBT community and is in the works of rectifying the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, giving it the clarity it has needed since it was signed into law.  Can the same be said for the many Black lives that are constantly frisked by a society who chooses when to care?


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