More Legal Issues For Jennifer Hudson And David Otunga

More Legal Issues For Jennifer Hudson And David Otunga

By Ryan Velez

EURWeb reports that court documents obtained by The Blast detail a new chapter in the messy breakup of Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga. Apparently, as part of their custody/ support battle, she is planning to file a motion to force Otunga to “seek employment” and “maintain a job diary.” This will come along with a filing to dismiss Otunga’s motion to have her sanctioned for being in contempt of court.

Prior to this, the biggest development in the story was Hudson accusing Otunga of leaking false information to the press. Here is our past coverage of that development.

“The Blast obtained an emergency motion filed by Hudson that claims Otunga has been telling the media that he has won primary custody of their son. It’s a story she says is false. According to Hudson, she says she only agreed to drop the order of protection, not for custodial reasons but so Otunga could vacate the home. She notes that her income over the past decade is primarily responsible for the couple’s financial solvency, and calls Otunga’s career goals “voluntary underemployment.”

Otunga is a Harvard Law graduate but currently works for WWE. He was an in-ring performer for some time, but now primarily works as a commentator. While top WWE wrestlers do make good money, Otunga is relatively lower on the totem pole. As a result, Hudson likely has a point about being the breadwinner.

Hudson is requesting that the courts ban Otunga and his associates from speaking to the press or posting anything about the court and custody battle on social media. Hudson alleges that Otunga signed a confidentiality agreement back in August but has since denied the authenticity of the signature.

She also wants Otunga to issue a statement saying that he was never granted full custody and that the reports he contributed to were false. A judge has yet to rule on the petition. From the outside looking in, this case is getting more and more difficult to unravel. In our initial coverage of the custody situation, Otunga alleged that Hudson was lying about him being abusive in order to make him look like an unfit parent. Now, we have Hudson saying no such custody arrangement was made.”



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