Life Lessons From Beyoncé

Life Lessons From Beyoncé

By Ryan Velez

Beyoncé can come across as a bit of a paradox sometimes. Despite first appearing on television at 8 years old and essentially being in the spotlight ever since, some could learn from the way that she has managed to keep certain aspects of her private life quiet. With her twins on the way, RollingOut has put out an article explaining some of the ways that she has inspired others to live their best lives.

On the topic of privacy, sometimes keeping your major moves quiet can make them all that impactful when the time comes. Last year’s Lemonade is a great example. Serving as the soundtrack to the summer of 2016, it managed to blend genres, send the rumor mill buzzing about potential trouble in her marriage. Perhaps the peak of it was the series of videos that came with it, combining lyricism with spoken word for an experience we rarely expect from pop music. Would this had been nearly as impactful if every music and news site was poring over each detail months beforehand? Building hype is an effective tactic, but when everyone knows who you are, maybe a bit of surprise is the best hype-builder of all. Don’t be afraid to buck trends and believe in yourself in these times.

Another lesson to be learned from Lemonade is celebrating you, whoever that may be. In Beyoncé’s case, this was represented in the visual album’s images, with themes of self-confidence, motherhood, grief, love and blackness. This all harkens back to the idea of “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” something that many Black women have had to deal with for generations, and are still doing today.

With this said, when you’re in a position like Beyoncé, controversy will happen, for example, the Black Panther-inspired outfits during one of her Super Bowl performances. Where you can learn from her is the response that she has had when controversy comes her way. When was the last time you saw Beyoncé make a thoughtless social media post or try or clap back over Twitter? Be careful when it comes to letting other people dictate how you comport yourself. Try to keep a mindset of positivity and elevation when it comes to how you handle yourself.


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