LisaRaye McCoy’s Home Burglarized

LisaRaye McCoy’s Home Burglarized

By Ryan Velez

Unless you lose a job or have a gambling problem, it’s pretty rare that you could lose six figures worth of money in one night. However, The Grio reports that LisaRaye McCoy had the unfortunate distinction of having that happen to her, after being the victim of a home burglary.

According to TMZ, the burglars entered McCoy’s San Fernando Valley home through a side door. They were able to get away with $160,000 worth of jewelry and purses. She was out of her home at the time of the burglary, but a family member discovered the initial crime. Police are currently trying to use surveillance footage to try and determine who exactly is responsible for the crime. McCoy has yet to make a formal statement about what happened, and there aren’t many details about the crime besides what TMZ originally reported.

What’s notable about this is that it punctuates one of several high-profile celebrity robberies over the last few months. Mariah Carey lost $50,000 worth of her belongings when robbers broke into her LA home in October. According to TMZ, the robbers were able to get in through a window or door on the upper floor and made off with purses and sunglasses.

In December, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky were also hit by a robbery. TMZ initially reported that the robbers broke a window to get into their house and stole over a million dollars in jewelry. The two of them were renovating their house at the time, which may explain some of the security issues.

Something similar happened to Jason DeRulo with a home burglary in October. The burglars reportedly got away with $600,000 in jewelry, in addition to $80,000 in cash. According to TMZ, the burglars were able to get into the safe after beating it open, all while one of DeRulo’s employees slept through the burglary. Truly an embarrassing case of workplace incompetence.

Back in June, David Spade’s home was burglarized. The burglars only took one safe, but it was filled with $80,000 worth of cash and jewelry. There is a sad twist to this particular story, though. One of the pieces of jewelry in the safe was a wedding band that had belonged to Spade’s mother. While there’s no sign of any connection, it does make one wonder how the criminals get the idea to pull this off in the first place.



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