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Man Arranges for His Mother to be Killed All for “Financial Gain”

Man Arranges for His Mother to be Killed All for “Financial Gain”

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

A tragedy unfolded in the city of Chicago this week, a place where terrible events seem to appear in the news every day.  According to DNA Info, a boy is being charged for arranging to have his mother killed, all for the sake of financial gain.

Qaw’mane Wilson, a 24-year old, allegedly had his mother, Yolanda Holmes murdered on September 2nd of last year.  Qaw’mane’s aunt can’t understand why he would do such a thing to his own mother.

“I’m glad we got closure,” said Yunae Holmes, the man’s aunt. “I’m trying to figure out why he would do such a thing. She did everything for him.”

When police asked him what happened and why, the young man says that “financial gain” was the reason that he took the life of his own mother.  He was the sole beneficiary of her estate and took $90,000 out of her bank account after she died.

This week, Wilson was charged with murder and home invasion.

Loriana Johnson reportedly drove Eugene Spencer to Qaw’mane’s mother’s house, where she was shot and stabbed.  Johnson says that she drove to the house so a robbery could be committed, not a homicide.   Spencer, however, says that he was hired to kill the boy’s mother, which he did.

Yolanda was the owner of Nappy Headz salon in Uptown for 15 years.  According to DNAInfo, she was a proud business owner and former cheerleader.

Now, her son is being held without bail for the homicide.

Financial Juneteenth Thoughts from this story:

1)      Being a business owner is a key to financial freedom if you do it the right way:   Yolanda had $90,000 in the bank, more than most African Americans.  She also made excellent financial investments in her life which created both opportunities and enemies.  Sometimes, your economic success can draw unwanted attention, where even close friends and relatives can be turned against you if you are unwilling to share your resources.  Be careful about who you choose to inform about your financial situation, and understand that economic success may lead you to have to cut off greedy people you love.

2)      While Yolanda made good investments in her personal life, it appears that her son somehow felt entitled to the point of being OK with killing her.  I’ve seen this happen in real life, where a boy whose mother has done everything for him later conspires for her demise.  This happens more than you might think, just on a smaller scale:  It might be the child who crashes the new car you give him and gets angry that you didn’t buy him another one, or cousin Pookie, who keeps going to jail and expects his mama to keep bailing him out.  Be thoughtful about the values that you give to your children or how your economic success affects their thinking:  Money can raise strong kids or spoiled kids; the choice is up to you.

3)      While this young man was certainly not typical, it does appear that he, like many young people, suffered from some kind of addiction:  It might have been an addiction to drugs or an addiction to money.  Either way, there was something in his heart that was sour enough to lead him to kill the person who’d taken care of him the most.  When you go out and earn money, be careful not to value money to the point of idolatry: It can make you wish you’d never had the money in the first place.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD, Financial contributor to Jet Magazine, and author of the book, “Black American Money”. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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