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Man Bought Air Jordans and $1500 Puppies after Allegedly Killing His Mother for Money

Man Bought Air Jordans and $1500 Puppies after Allegedly Killing His Mother for Money

by Blake Hunter

According to DNA Info, Qaw’mane Wilson didn’t grieve much at the funeral of his late mother, Yolanda Holmes.  The man who’d been accused of setting his mother up to be killed didn’t even sit in the front row of the church.

“He just seemed a little distant. He didn’t seem devastated,” Zion Banks, Holmes’ first cousin and the spokeswoman for the family said to DNA Info. “But looking back now, it’s more suspicious.”

Police are now saying that the reason that he didn’t show much grief is because Qaw’mane didn’t care that his own mother was dead.   He’d gotten a big payday from her death, collecting insurance money and emptying her bank account, and that was all that he cared about.

There was even a video circulating on YouTube showing the 24-year old throwing money at his friends that came from his deceased mother.

DNA Info says that, to date, Qaw’mane hasn’t been indicted and is being held in the Cook County Jail without bail.

Right after his mother’s death, Wilson posted numerous pictures of himself on Facebook holding thousands of dollars.  He mentioned buying $1,500 puppies, lots of pairs of new Air Jordans and designer clothes.

“I don’t know how he could have been living like that before Yolanda died, because he wouldn’t have had the money,” said Banks.

A friend of Wilson’s mother, Tia Bouvi’a, says that the boy was spoiled by his mother, who bought him whatever he wanted.   She purchased a Camaro for him, and helped him in whatever way she could.  She also says that Qaw’mane bragged heavily about how rich his mother was.

“He bragged a lot that his mom had money and he was rich,” she said.

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Financial Juneteenth lessons:

1)      Spoiling your kids financially is like creating a monster:  The more you feed the beast, the bigger it grows, requiring more feeding in order to sustain it.

2)      An addiction to money is as bad as any other addiction, causing people to do horrible things in order to get their fix.  Teach your kids to avoid worshipping money or materialism, it is unhealthy.



black people and money

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