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Man Makes It Rain On A Stripper And Then Asks For A Refund

Man Makes It Rain On A Stripper And Then Asks For A Refund

by Afiya J. Watkins

“Make it rain” in strip club lingo refers to large sums of money being thrown in the air to then cascade around, on top of or beside the body of a naked (or semi-naked) exotic dancer. This activity has been popularized by the rap culture and everyone from Lil Wayne to NFL player, Adam “Pacman” Jones has paid homage.

In this YouTube video featuring a segment of the courtroom show, “We the People”, famed attorney turned TV judge, Gloria Allred gets an unwanted education on “rainmaking”. As stated, this isn’t the rain making associated with business or for the religious, the kind that make blessings flow from the heavens, this is Rainmaking 101: Stripper Style. It’s the kind of reckless behavior you’d expect to read about in a bankruptcy deposition.

Awkward but amusing best describes this case in which the plaintiff — “the rainmaker,” if you will – sued the defendant, a stripper, for the money she didn’t return to him after he, yes, made it rain on her. Apparently he was in it for the “experience” but didn’t intend to make a full monetary investment.

While the silly details are being argued, the audience can be seen snickering in the background. Quite frankly, the case warrants this kind of reaction but it is also troublesome. It is a testament to what a showy and foolish display of excess can lead to. Similar to an idle mind being the Devil’s workshop, a bulging wallet can have the same effect for those lacking morals and good sense.

In the case of rappers and athletes, it is clearly a nouveau riche mentality that leads them to engage in such acts, but few people in history have advanced to the point of “old money” status by squandering finances in this fashion. It is the sort of thing that would be recommended if I were to write a book on how to lose sudden wealth.

Throwing money away at a strip club to “pop bottles” and “rain” on strippers is an abhorrent waste of money, and the financially solvent don’t do it. You will never see the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or probably not even a Jay Z show such utter disregard for their finances.

But as long as there are a people determined to mimic the lifestyle of the rap culture, we will hear of more cases like this. Sometimes it takes years before people wake up to fully assess the financial straits they have put themselves in. For some, they will look back solemnly into the mirror of regret, and by that time, places like “ King of Diamonds” will have been replaced by new establishments under  different management and people like Black Chyna will have gone on to relative obscurity.

And just like with the forecast, “rain” comes and goes but it never lasts.

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black people and money

Lawrence Watkins is the founder of Great Black Speakers, FlexPads, and co-founder of Watkins Media Group. He writes because he feels like it makes him a more productive entrepreneur and hopes that others can learn from his journey. Lawrence has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisville and an MBA from Cornell University. He is also a member of Management Leadership for Tomorrow and The Young Entrepreneur Council.

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