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Marketing For Under $100

Marketing For Under $100

By Ryan Velez

If you are starting out in business, chances are that you don’t have much of a marketing budget to work with, but by no means is this an excuse to ignore it completely. After all, the best product in the world won’t likely reach its audience without some form of marketing. Black Enterprise has provided some valuable marketing tips that can get your product out for under $100, making them good fits for people starting out or in financial straits.

One way you may want to start is by using a series of Facebook ads throughout the month to introduce your product or service to potential new clients. The nice thing about Facebook is that it allows you to create daily campaign budgets that can run for a set amount of days you create, or a lifetime budget option that runs ads until the end date you set up or until the budget is met. Of course, when you put your Facebook ad together, make sure that you include clear images, a call to action, a link to your website, and put together a visually attractive ad.

Social media is also important for getting your business’s name out, but managing it can take a great deal of time. This is why automation apps are growing in popularity, all of which have various budget options. Apps like Sprout Social, Post Planner, and Every Post are all viable, some of which allow for variation in frequency and the ability to post to different platforms.

In addition to using your own social media, try to use that of others to boost your marketing as well. Reach out to local influencers to share your product or service via their platforms. You see big companies using celebrity endorsements all the time to get attention, but this is a smaller-scale and more cost-effective way to use a similar tactic to your advantage.

Google AdWords and pay per click advertising is also a viable marketing tactic, but if you want to use it effectively, you need to be aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Make sure that you use targeted keywords listed on your landing page as well as in the text of your ad. Try to think of the AIDA formula, which means attention, interest, desire, and action.

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