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Mathew Knowles Hit With $65,000 Lawsuit Over Super Bowl Weekend

Mathew Knowles Hit With $65,000 Lawsuit Over Super Bowl Weekend

By Ryan Velez

Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles is being accused of screwing over a music company over the Super Bowl weekend, and Bossip reports that he is now being hit by a lawsuit, alleging that he refused to pay up on a settlement deal that was only signed into action months ago.

Fun Fest Entertainment has sued both Knowles and his Music World Properties for allegedly mishandling the deal they set up for a music festival during the Super Bowl in Houston earlier this year. Fun Fest Entertainment is a group of entrepreneurs that came together to take advantage of the location of this year’s game. Their plan was to produce a music festival over the course of February 2nd to the 6th, that would attract guests numbering in the thousands and bring in A-list talent.

The company chose a venue that Knowles set up due to the ability to handle the event’s planned logistics as well as its proximity to other Super Bowl events. The company also admitted that Knowles’ name recognition in the music industry played a role in them choosing to use the venue.

The issues began in April 2016, when they negotiated a lease contract. However, they say that Knowles entered a deal with another company to rent out the venue. Originally, Fun Fest Entertainment sued him in October seeking an injunction that would stop Knowles from renting the venue to anyone else.

Knowles and Fun Fest Entertainment later reached a settlement, and according to the deal, he would pay $16,500 within three days of the deal being made, an additional $23,500 within 14 days and $25,000 before February 10th. The reason that this lawsuit is being revisited is that Knowles is being accused of breaching the deal and not paying a single dime of what he is owed. Now, Fun Fest Entertainment is demanding the entire amount mentioned in their settlement, $65,000.

While playing a role in his daughter’s early success as the manager of Destiny’s Child, much of the news surrounding Knowles has been negative in recent times, including being called out in court for trying to pay the mother of his love child, who was born while Knowles was still married to Beyonce’s mother Tina, $225,000 in hush money to avoid being taken to court for child support. In that case, his wages were garnished to pay her $70,822 in back child support plus interest, along with $1,496 a month in regular child support.


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