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What Does It Mean To Be The CEO Of Your Career?

What Does It Mean To Be The CEO Of Your Career?

By Ryan Velez

Nicole Webb found herself in a position many people do, miserable in her job to the point that she resigned over stress and dissatisfaction. While pondering her options, she launched the NK Webb Group, a company specializing in career coaching, whose mission is to educate, empower, and equip individuals to take charge of their own careers and do work that they love. Black Enterprise sat down with Webb to discuss the concept behind her career workshop “Be The CEO of Your Own Career.”

An interesting name, but what does it mean? Webb explains it as follows:  “A person who serves as CEO of their career understands that they are the highest-ranking official—the primary decision maker—in their professional life. They are proactive, and strategically utilize their knowledge, skills, and abilities to secure prime opportunities for their advancement. Also, because they possess confidence and know their value, they never settle for less than what they know they deserve.”

The development of the workshop was a gradual process. “I have coached many clients who have been talented and educated. However, they lacked the confidence and guidance needed to accomplish their professional goals; they were not acting as the primary stakeholders in their success. Since I was noticing this trend among several clients from various professional industries, I knew I needed to create this workshop.

My goal was to expose attendees to the concepts that would help them excel. For example, understanding how to own their career, position themselves for promotion, build confidence, and face fear.” Challenges that some of the participants deal with are that “many of the individuals I coach do not recognize their value. As a result, they often present a diminished version of themselves. We work to re-create a winning narrative around the truth of who they are and the value they bring to the table.”

Webb offers some advice for people looking to make the next step in a struggling career. “I would recommend getting clear on what you don’t like about your current employment (or field) and then making a list of the things you’d like to experience in your ideal career. Next, find a good career coach who specializes in the challenges you are facing.

Most career coaches offer a free, 15-minute discovery call to see if there is a mutual fit, so take advantage of it. Put what you learn into immediate practice and pay attention to the results that you are getting; continue to tweak until you find what works best for you.”


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