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MediaTakeOut Founder Launches App For Children

MediaTakeOut Founder Launches App For Children

By Ryan Velez

Rolling Out reports that founder, entrepreneur, and attorney, Fred Mwangaguhunga is planning to take advantage of the recent split of YouTube and Amazon with his new app for kids, designed to serve as a YouTube alternative,

The split in question occurred over the revelation that people were able to exploit Google’s algorithm to allow adult content to be shown to young children when they attempted to search for popular children’s characters. YouTube lost hundreds of millions of advertising dollars (with Procter & Gamble pulling over $140M in ads indefinitely). As of January of this year, YouTube was no longer available on the Amazon Fire Stick device.

TubeJr doesn’t rely on an algorithm, with an employed team of professionals (many who are parents), screening every piece of content before it is uploaded.  Mwangaguhunga, a parent himself shared more about the new app with Rolling Out and what drove him to create it.

“I think I was always looking for a kind of second act. MediaTakeOut has been incredibly successful and I’m still working with it right now. I still continue to do it. But, when I started MediaTakeOut, that was 12 years ago. I was a single guy spending most of my time surfing the internet and listening to music and stuff like that. So to launch a company like MediaTakeOut made a lot of sense for me as a person. Now I’m a different person. It’s been 12 years. I’ve gotten married, I have three kids, and that’s a large part of my life. I’m always looking for opportunities- and now as a father who has kids that are able to use cell phones and use computers and tablets and go online to see things- You know, the idea of them using YouTube… When you start to see the problems with it that’s where I just said “Wow, there’s a real opportunity here.”

He also explains why the need for safe content is so important: “Part of the problem, I think, with monitoring kids- I mean obviously I have three kids. I have three kids watching three different devices. It’s hard to kind of always monitor what each of them are watching. Even if it were one kid a lot of the video is- you know, TV shows are 30 minutes long or 45 minutes or an hour long. Videos, however, are a minute long or two minutes long or three minutes. By the time you go to the bathroom and come back your child could have cycled through three different videos. You may be okay with the first video, but the second video you might not have been okay with or the third video. So it’s that much more important when we’re talking about videos that are short in length, that those videos have been monitored; that they’ve been curated in a way to ensure the safety of them.”


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