Meet The Attorney Who Quit Wall Street For R&B

Meet The Attorney Who Quit Wall Street For R&B

By Ryan Velez

Dom Marcell has a lot going for him. After obtaining his degree in both law and business from Northwestern University’s JD and MBA program, Marcell began his finance career as a media and entertainment investment banker on Wall Street. However, after a year, he decided to live as a singer-songwriter full-time. Black Enterprise took the moment to talk to him about his work and career choice.

What would drive someone to leave? “I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur before I began the JD/MBA program at Northwestern University. I just did not know when or what it would be. Over the years, many people would hear me sing and would say that I had a gift. Once my songs began to get traction, I thought, why not invest in them and in myself, similar to other students who were launching startups at business schools? In addition, unexpected life events also were a factor. The premature passing of my sister and my mom, at such young ages, galvanized me to do so. You only live once and it’s best to do it while doing something you absolutely love while aiming to have a potent and positive impact on society,” Marcell shares.

However, it isn’t wasn’t always smooth sailing, especially early on.  When asked if he ever thought about going corporate again, Marcell said, “In the beginning, yes! When I was thinking more so with an artist/dreamer hat, I thought to myself: “Dom you are one of millions of singers who can also sing, so what are you doing? Your chances are super slim and you are leaving a lucrative career!” However, once I put my business cap on, my perspective totally changed. I recognized that I had a unique story, which would help differentiate myself and stand out from the crowd. In addition, I also knew that my approach to the business, similar to that of a Silicon Valley startup, would help me accomplish things a little faster, all while leveraging my education and global network. My unique combination of creativity with business makes me feel a little more comfortable in my decision.”

He also has advice for people looking to seek their passions. “Listen to the voice within. Some people discouraged me, laughed at me, and mocked me. I tuned out all the noise. Only you know the clear vision you have for yourself. It’s important, however, to map out your vision by writing it down and setting important milestones. This is important to rally those who will be instrumental in helping you succeed.”



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