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Michigan Father Says He Robbed Bank To Pay For Daughters Chemotherapy After Insurance Canceled

Michigan Father Says He Robbed Bank To Pay For Daughters Chemotherapy After Insurance Canceled

April V. Taylor

Twenty-three year old Michigan father Brian Randolph has allegedly robbed a local bank to cover payments for his daughter’s chemotherapy treatments because insurance was no longer paying for it. The alleged robbery happened at the Vibe Credit Union in South Lyon, Michigan. Randolph is said to have passed a note to a teller, claiming he had a shotgun concealed in his pants and demanding $20,000.

While many may feel sympathy for Randolph’s plight, when police caught up with him two days after the robbery, they discovered several newly purchased pairs of expensive tennis shoes and clothes as well as a Gucci bag. Randolph is reported to have escaped with $8,100 in cash.

Police recovered $3,100 in cash as well as the merchandise. Asia Dupree, the mother of Randolph’s child and girlfriend told news agencies that their daughter Brialynn does have retinoblastoma, a cancer that forms in the eye.

Regarding Randolph’s alleged robbery of the bank, Dupree spoke with WXYZ TV, stating, “I guess it was desperation. Time was ticking right before her appointment came up.” South Lyon Police Department Lt. Chris Sovik also spoke with WXYZ, admitting that he understood Randolph’s desperation if his daughter did have cancer, stating, “You want to do everything you can to protect your daughter. But there are lots of fathers whose daughters have cancer as well, and you don’t see them out there robbing banks all the time.”

Police were able to catch up with Randolph within 12 hours of the robbery after posting photos of him to Facebook. Randolph has retained attorney Karri Mitchell, who does not deny the allegations against his client. Mitchell spoke with the Huffington Post about the robbery, saying that Randolph went about dealing with his daughter’s medical situation “the wrong way.”

Mitchell hopes that a judge shows mercy to Randolph, given his daughters circumstances. Mitchell stated, “We’re not saying that what he did was right. He was misguided in what he did.”

The publicity around Randolph’s daughter has led to over $8,000 being raised through a GoFundMe page that was set up for Brailyn.


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