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Microsoft Gains Analytics Insights Startup Metanautix

Microsoft Gains Analytics Insights Startup Metanautix

By Angela Wills

Microsoft has gained control of Metanautix, the company that created Quest, a tool that enables SQL queries against a large variety of data regardless of where the data resides. There was no information available on the terms of the acquisition.

Metanautix is a startup company founded by Theo Vassilakis, former Google engineer. During his tenure at Google he initiated an effort to develop a similar tool called Dremel for tapping into a variety of types of data across various locations utilizing SQL queries. That tool was initially meant for internal use at Google, but Vassilakis pondered about the companies who didn’t have access to Google’s resources and how they could perform those type searches.

He founded Metanautix and created Quest. Quest’s tagline embeds the idea of what it does extremely well: “Create software-defined data marts.”

Quest allows you to query all of the data exactly where it lives, instead of having to gather data from various sources across the enterprise, public cloud, private cloud or anywhere else and import it into a single data repository to query it as a whole. This is a simpler approach that makes the process much more agile.

Using the common query language SQL allows the tool to be opened to a variety of business users.

Microsoft VP Joseph Sirosh said in a blog post, “Companies continue to generate enormous volumes of information and aspire to be more data-driven in their strategies and operations. But many struggle to bring together their various sources and siloes of data, and only analyze and use a fraction of all the available information. Metanautix’ technology breaks these boundaries to connect the ‘data supply chain,’ no matter what the type, size of location of an organization’s data.”

Previously, Metanautix raised venture funding from Sequoia Capital and WorkDay Ventures. The deal awards Microsoft full ownership of Metanautix.

Metanautix claims Shutterfly among its list of customers. The online photo company utilizes the startups’ technology for marketing campaign analytics to discover the most efficient ways to gain and retain clients.

Sirosh says that IT teams will be able to utilize the technology offered by Metanautix to link a variety of types of data across both public and private clouds without transferring data into a centralized system for data.

A spokesperson for Microsoft informed news sources that the company will use the acquisition to advance its Microsoft data platform by merging it with SQL Server and the Cortana Analytics Suite.


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