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Min. Farrakhan Describes the Dependent State of Black People in America

Min. Farrakhan Describes the Dependent State of Black People in America

by Vanessa Pagan

Minister Louis Farrakhan is the respected leader of the Nation of Islam. In this video, he speaks about how Black America needs to get rid of the slave mentality to depend on themselves rather than White America. He goes on to say how he notices that black men and women today are more dependent on the government than they should be. Black Americans are descendants of proud slaves, that raised their homes from the ground they worked and died on. Black women and black men should be as strong as their ancestors want them to be and obtain their own freedom.

Independence is important economically, because it is connected to your social freedom as well.  Being financially dependent upon a master or former master is virtually identical, since both cases mean that you are not the one making the decisions that matter in your own life.   Farrkhan is an investor, buying land and seeking to develop chains of distribution that allow African Americans to control their own financial situations and production processes.  These issues matter in capitalist America.

Farrakhan also goes on to state that as time has passed, religion has lost its power to transform human life the way it used to in the time of our ancestors. He claims that houses of worship are now houses of entertainment rather than the houses of enlightenment they were constructed to be when they were first built.  It the end, this all means that the power of Jesus Christ has lost its meaning.

Farrakhan prides himself on remaining committed to his truth.  He is also economically independent and a strong voice within black America.  So, whether you agree with him or not, you may learn a great deal from watching this video.

black people and money

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