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Miss Money Sense: How to get your piece of the largest shift in wealth

Miss Money Sense: How to get your piece of the largest shift in wealth

By Teneshia “Miss Money Sense” LaFaye

I have seen the future and I know how many have gotten rich and how you and I can be part of the next shift in wealth!

Every generation had a major industry that brought generational wealth to the families of those on the forefront of it, such as the slave trade, the gold rush, the Industrial Age and the Internet boom. 

Now another major shift is coming that if you jump in and prepare for it, your family can be wealthy for generations to come.

If you have been hoping and praying to get rich, I have the answer for you. Clear your head. Forget about past failures. Have an open mind and trust me when I tell you that you can be financially free and leave a legacy for your kids and your kids’ kids if you listen to me. Actually it comes from the lips of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man in the world, and Warren Buffet, the second richest and a guru on investing. 

The largest shift of wealth in modern times that will produce more millionairesand billionaires than any industry in our lifetime is the deregulation of energy (natural gas, electricity, solar, wind power, water). Energy is the last standing government monopoly, currently controlled by state and local governments since the Public Utility Holding Company Act was passed in 1935.

However, in 1992, Congress passed the National Energy Policy Act that allowed power producers to compete for the sale of energy to utilities, and in 1996, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ordered hundreds of utilities to open their transmission lines to competition.  

In other words, the way has been cleared for consumers to have choice on which energy companies they want to pay to power their television, fridge, microwave and home computer. Just like how you choose your cell phone and internet carriers, you now are free to choose your energy provider but only in 18 states and Washington D.C. because energy companies and billionaires investors have paid millions of dollars to politicians to keep the big utility companies in power.

In fact, The Miami Herald recently printed an article about how several Florida energy monopolies, such as Florida Power and Light and Duke Energy, are behind a $22 million ad campaign to trick Floridians into voting “Yes to the Sun” for Amendment One on Election Day to keep the monopolies in control of energy. But there’s only a matter of time before all 50 U.S. states are deregulated.

The phone industry used to be a monopoly before it was deregulated in the 1990s. Remember when you had a Bell local phone company and AT&T for long distance? Now you can choose to get your service from AT&T or Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, Metro, Boost and many others.

When energy completely deregulates, you will also have several choices for savings on what is usually the largest recurring bill in your home. People are already enjoying energy choice and savings in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Texas, California and Washington D.C., and individuals who got ahead of deregulation in those states are millionaires. 

Buffett just invested $7 billion into an energy company in Nevada, which hasn’t deregulated yet. Most of the west coast, the Midwest and the South aren’t deregulated, except for Texas with electricity and Kentucky and Georgia with gas. 

So you are sitting atop of untapped GOLD mines if you live in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington state, Oregon, Nevada and more than a dozen other states.

If you’re ready to get your piece of energy deregulation to pass on generational wealth, it’s here for the taking. It’s time to position yourself to take advantage of energy deregulation like so many people in the north, including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. There are still opportunities up north, especially in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio although the untapped markets are in the south and the west.

So educate yourself about energy deregulation and reach out to me if you want to get ahead of it in your state for a chance to get rich and pass on generational wealth. Email me at or reach out to me on Facebook to grab your piece of the largest shift of wealth in all of mankind. 

Teneshia LaFaye is a former award-winning newspaper journalist and a nationally certified financial education instructor. She leads more than 100 people in a home-based business and she owns a health insurance agency. Her two books, What My Mom Taught Me About Money and Mom’s Money Lessons, are available on her web site, Get her FREE daily money tips to work on improving your financial mindset by “liking” her MissMoneySense page on Facebook,

black people and money

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