Nancy Grace says Will and Jada should sue child protective services

Nancy Grace says Will and Jada should sue child protective services

April Taylor

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s family has been surround by controversy since a picture of their 13-year old daughter, Willow, went viral. The picture is a bedroom photo of her a 20-year old Moises Arias who is reportedly a friend of Willow’s older brother, Jaden. Arias is shirtless in the photo. Will and Jada have defended their daughter stating that she is mature enough to decide who she wants to hang out with. Jada even spoke out stating that the picture was not sexual in any way and that anyone who saw the picture as sexual was simply a pedophile.

While the Smith’s would probably like to see the media frenzy die down, it appears to just be heating up with recent reports that the family is being investigated by Child Protective Services. Sources are reporting to Radar Online that the investigation will not be as simple as one or two visits due to the agency wanting to proceed with, “an overabundance of caution.” Many are speaking out about the investigation not being warranted, including TV personality Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace recently reported on the debacle on her HLN Show. She is reporting that CPS is not confirming or denying whether or not there is an open investigation involving the Smith family. Grace feels that the Smith’s should sue Child Protective Services due to them being overzealous in investigating his family while not opening investigations into families when family members actually requested an investigation be open. Grace points out the stories of multiple children who CPS failed to protect. She goes on to support the fact that the picture of Willow is not sexual and should not warrant an investigation. The investigation of the family by CPS definitely seems overzealous and many fans will be paying attention to see how this plays out for the Smith family.


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