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New App Helps Black Women Find New Friends

New App Helps Black Women Find New Friends

By: Giovanni Zaburoni

As we get older, it gets tougher to find the kind of real genuine friends we made in elementary, middle, and high school.  It’s just as hard to find friends in the workplace that can match the loyalty of people we made friends with in college.  A new app is hoping to change all that.  It’s called Hey! VINA.  The app is giving working women a chance to find like-minded friends to expand their roster of girlfriends.  According to MadameNoire, the app is very similar to Tinder, but it only helps connect women with other women for the purpose of establishing friendships.  

Founders of the app, Olivia June Poole and Jen Aprahamian who are best friends, say they created the app because they found it really difficult to meet new people. The app is very user friendly.  Just like other apps, you upload your picture and profile, and the app links you with other women who have similar interests to yours and compatible personalities.  The app can also match you with like-minded people by mutual friends and data they gather when you take quizzes on the app.  Poole says she has decided not to fight the evolving cell phone trends. “We can’t force people to change. We can’t force an entire culture to be like, ‘okay, everybody put down your phone. If we can help people adapt and fulfill their needs, we think that’s great.”

Poole says there are a number of scenarios where her app can be beneficial to traveling working women.  According to TechCrunch, finding new people to hang out with if you are traveling for a long time, connecting with people who enjoy the same activities and interests as you, or creating a new social circle when you move into a new city are reasons why Poole believes this app will be successful.  

The app is now live in San Francisco and New York.  If you plan on getting the app, it starts with a quiz to get further acquainted with who you are.  The app has a different quiz for you every week to help find more specific matches for you.  

Whether you prefer to find friends the old fashioned way or prefer the idea of linking up with new and exciting people online or on an app, Hey! VINA (which got its name from the creators who had a networking group called “Ladies that Vino”) was created to fill a need.   There are a lot of lonely people out there looking for a connection and if you aren’t looking for love, just friendship, this app may be what you are looking for.

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