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Nicki Minaj Takes Care Of Student Debt To Some of Her Twitter Fans

Nicki Minaj Takes Care Of Student Debt To Some of Her Twitter Fans

By Ryan Velez

College students are wracking their brains in many cases trying to find ways to deal with the rising costs of their education. Some seek out scholarships, some work while studying, some get their families to help, and many are using a combination of these three methods and more. One funding method that likely won’t come in any brainstorming session is a celebrity’s generosity over Twitter, but The Grio reports that Nicki Minaj did just that for some college students in need.

On Saturday, Minaj announced that she would pay some college fees for roughly 20 of her fans and followers—but there was a catch—they needed to have the grades before she would send over the cash.

“Show me straight A’s that I can verify w/ur school and I’ll pay it,” Minaj tweeted. This led to several followers sending her proof of their good grades along with exact descriptions of the funds they needed and why.

“Nic please help me I need 350$ for a summer mit program I managed to save the rest working weekends it would relieve sm stress I’m 17,” wrote user @Jawad_Minaj alongside the evidence of her 4.0 GPA. Minaj responded with a simple, “of course.” Needless to say, tons of students swarmed on this contest of sorts, some asking for help with student loans worth thousands of dollars, with others asking for smaller sums to go towards tuition fees, books, and other school supplies. Minaj was quite thorough in her questioning as to why students needed the money, making sure that funds would go to those who could really use a hand.

If anyone’s worried that Minaj didn’t make good on her attempt to help, have no fear. When TMZ followed up with some of the people she pledged to help, some of the beneficiaries confirmed that she was true to her word. This included reaching out through DMs for bank info. Three people reported getting funds from her, with one payment being for $800. Others are still waiting, but it looks like they are in good hands. For college students cursing themselves for missing out—no fear—Minaj said she would give consideration to opening her wallet up to those in need in a month or two’s time. This sounds like a pretty good reason to keep those grades up.


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