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Nike Says ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ With Their New Campaign

Nike Says ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ With Their New Campaign

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Let’s face it – many people are self-conscious about their weight. Whether they see themselves as skinny or plus-size, the truth of the matter is that people (in general) are concerned about their weight, how they look, and how they feel. When an individual is uncomfortable with how they look in the mirror, it can lead to depression, low self-esteem, as well as low self-worth.

Sadly and shamefully, the athletic apparel world has not done a good job of attracting those who are plus-size. It seems as though they have totally neglected this consumer market. While there could be many reasons as to why plus-sized people are overlooked by athletic apparel companies, one thing for sure, something has to be done to attract this ofter overlooked and neglected market.

Athletic apparel company Nike recently announced they are engaging in a new campaign geared towards plus-size women. The title of the campaign, ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ will celebrate the diversity of women.

In an article published in the Daily Mail, “The faces of the new line include bloggers Grace Victory and Danielle Vanier, models Paloma Elsesser and Naomi Shimada and US track and field athlete Amanda Bingson.”

Nike will feature shorts, sports bras, tights, and hoodies in sizes 1X to 3X.

Even though Nike has been selling plus-sized products, none of the products went above an extra-large size.

“Helen Boucher, vice president of women’s training apparel, said the line reflects the fact that today young girls today want to be ‘strong’. She added: “And while strong looks different for everybody, what’s consistent in athletes today is that fitness is very much a part of her lifestyle…”

It looks like Nike should be congratulated and applauded for this campaign. In a world where diversity is embraced, it’s time for a popular and profitable athletic apparel company to do something positive.


Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a minister, speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him on or Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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