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How To Nip Business Burnout

How To Nip Business Burnout

By Ryan Velez

Being a business owner is not easy, and even the most successful and established people will find themselves feeling down on things every now and again. Every entrepreneur will experience ups and downs during their time and business, times when they feel like everything is going right, and times where everything is wrong. During these darker times, burnout is a very real risk. Whether it’s the market, cash flow, or staff, prolonged burnout can have a lasting effect on your business, and The Network Journal has put together an article pointing out some burnout warning signs.

One example is frequent exhaustion. Exhaustion is normal, after all, business will demand that you need to do some late-night prep or an around-the-clock workday sometimes. However, when this becomes the norm and you feel constantly tired, something could go wrong. This is a clear sign that the business has begun to take a physical toll. Taking a simple break where you are not thinking about work can be quite rewarding. If your work schedule is full of weekends in the office or working at home on top of your regular hours, this also is a sure path to burnout. As hard as it may feel, you need to start establishing boundaries on what is work time and what is not. The constant vigilance for that work call or email is not sustainable.

Sometimes, your emotions will also become a bit of a precursor to burnout. An occasional business freakout isn’t a shock when things go wrong. But if the little things start making you upset on a regular basis, stress may be overwhelming you. As a business owner, you’re regularly going to bump into these minor hassles, and if the point comes where you are having trouble handling them politely or professionally, you likely need to ease back.

Perhaps the biggest burnout sign of all is losing track of your true goals in business. If you find yourself questioning what was the point was of getting into business or doing anything possible to avoid going to work, this isn’t a good sign. In times like these, it can sometimes be helpful to go back to the beginning in your mind. Why did you get started? What do you love about your field and the autonomy of owning a business? Keeping your fire is essential to long-term business success.


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