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ObamaCare Shatters Last Year’s Registration Record This Year

ObamaCare Shatters Last Year’s Registration Record This Year

By Victor Ochieng

One of the biggest and most publicized legislation of the Obama administration is the Affordable Care Act, widely known as ObamaCare. While the act has received opposition right from inception, it has proved that more Americans are enrolling for it, and it has ensured that millions of Americans, who would otherwise have no insurance, are now covered.

Unfortunately, the act has been a target of many Republican presidential aspirants, most of who plan to repeal it should they win the presidential race. But as things stand now, it might be a tall order for the next administration to scrap the act off as millions will definitely come forward to defend it. Why? Because it’s working and the numbers keep growing!

A recent report reveals that so far, this year, close to 8.3 million have registered for the ObamaCare, a total that surpasses that of last year around this same time. The latest signup figures were unveiled by the Federal health officials on Tuesday. From the figures, it’s clear that more people are running against time to sign up or switch to the care, considering the 2016 deadline that will see those without insurance fined.

The pace shows just how much people are against the idea of paying higher amounts for being uninsured. The Hill recently reported that those who remain uninsured by tax season in 2016 will be liable to pay higher penalties, almost twice that of the previous year.

The federal figures stated that out of the close to 8.3 million signups for the care, around 2.4 million are joining the marketplace for the first time. Compared to last year same time from the deadline, the figure is one third higher. Individuals under the age of 35, who’ve signed up this year, totals 2.1 million, a figure almost twice that of last year, same period.

“We’re excited in terms of what it means for health security and financial security. We’re excited about the fact that it does mean a younger risk pool, which is generally stronger,” announced Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary.

Health insurance companies must be very happy with the growing diversity of those getting cover, as a number of them were worried about high costs resulting from insuring the elderly. The new figures mean that the cost of covering people will be fair to the companies.


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