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How One Millennial Made $500,000 Without Business School

How One Millennial Made $500,000 Without Business School

By Ryan Velez

It may seem that everyone is a blogger these days, using the platform to share their interests and/or opinions. While some may not have the highest opinion of blogging, the fact of the matter is that the days of blogs being a niche item are over, and many are able to use it as a marketing tool to make millions. Forbes shares one such story, where age and education don’t play a role at all.

One thing to note about blogging is that popularity and profitability are not one and the same. Yes, some of the most profitable bloggers are also popular, but this isn’t an automatic connection. Look to Jamal and Natasha Miller from While this couple already had a great following due to their blogging, when Jamal shifted gears to profit over popularity, he saw results quickly, grossing $500,000 in the first quarter of 2017, without a formal education.

However, if you do go this route, what you can’t miss out on is a plan to make the world of Internet entrepreneurship one of opportunity for you. While formal education may not be the only path, one does need to learn the ropes. One major source of advice for Jamal was business coaches, which he said helped him identify both weak areas and opportunities for growth. Surrounding yourself with the right people is a common theme in Jamal’s success, from hiring a team and delegating to make sure that you can devote energy to the projects only you can do, to hiring outside consultants and experts to optimize your profit streams.

Of course, your customer base can’t go neglected in all this. The best way to give them what they want, according to Jamal, is to make sure that your business asks the right questions. Doing this will give you the knowledge to solve their problems with your products or services, rather than rooting around and wasting their time and yours.

The way this mindset rolled out for Jamal is setting up four unique profit centers, keeping them running at all times to maximize his revenue stream. These include book sales and mini-courses, webinars and automated weekly challenges, monthly revenue from a membership site, and annual revenue from Online conferences, in-person conferences, launches of a new course/program, high-level mastermind and a high-end retreat.

If you’re a blogger who finds yourself getting featured regularly on media outlets and industry sources, there’s no harm in patting yourself on the back. But when you’re done, be sure to ponder what you can do to maximize and leverage this so your work is reflected in your pocket.


  • black people and money

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