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Overcoming Workplace Stress

Overcoming Workplace Stress

By Ryan Velez

BOSS Group influencer Conchetta Jones has quite a busy lifestyle, having worked as an author, model, speaker, and Certified Overflow Coach. She also works to try and help others reach her levels of success as founder/owner of She’s All That! Woman, a personal development & lifestyle company. While a full plate like this is bound to lead to stress from time to time, Conchetta shared her story of balance in a recent Black Enterprise article.

“I was sitting at my desk trying to decide which fire I wanted to put out next when I noticed my right arm jumping. I looked down in surprise for a few seconds as my bicep muscle jumped beneath my sweater. It was a strange feeling and one I had never experienced before. Then I realized that my heart was beating fast and I was breathing hard. I was feeling overwhelmed. This strange jumping in my right arm had done its job. It had gotten my attention.”

Maybe a jumping arm hasn’t happened to you, but many of us who lead busy work lives have had that sort of freak physical indicator that only seems to pop up when we are at the peak of busyness at work. Maybe an eye twitch or a rising heart rate is the example for you. However, rather than ignore these feelings, you should heed them. It’s okay to take things slow now and again. You may say or do something that could be harmful to your career, even if you don’t mean to.

“The first thing I did was take some deep cleansing breaths. Inhaling and exhaling slowly. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on slowing my heart. While my eyes were closed, I visualized peaceful places. One of my favorites is the beach in Puerto Rico. I said a prayer of thanks that I had realized that I needed to calm myself down and then I just sat still for several minutes,” Jones shares.

Stress is inevitable in the modern age, but you can still fight it by planning and adding certain behaviors to your routine. Some of these work on stopping stressful situations before they start, like preparing the night before for the next day, creating a “to-do” list to try and organize your thoughts and plans, and trying to keep to a regular sleep schedule. Other lifestyle changes work on keeping your body stable, like taking a proper lunch break (not at your desk) being sure to keep hydrated and practicing deep breathing.


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