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Patti LaBelle Is Introducing A Line Of Cobblers At Walmart

Patti LaBelle Is Introducing A Line Of Cobblers At Walmart

By Kacie Whaley

Do you remember the Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie craze last year that sold out at Walmart stores all across the country? Well, the soul singing legend may find the same success this year with her new additions to the Patti’s Good Life line.

LaBelle is coming out with five new desserts that will be available at Walmart beginning on Tuesday. She is adding apple, peach, and berry cobblers to her roster, as well as apple pecan cake and sweet potato loaf, which is like a banana bread version of her wildly popular sweet potato pie. According to The Washington Post, the cobblers will be sold for the low price of $6.98, while the apple pecan cake will sell for $9.98 and the loaf for $4.48.

The singer said that to create these new desserts, she drew inspiration from family recipes and her own unique baking talent.

“I’ve been cooking for most of my life,” LaBelle told PEOPLE. “As you’re standing in the kitchen and you think of certain ingredients, you just put them in — sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.”

LaBelle says her desserts are pre-baked, which makes the cooking process easy for all the non-bakers of the world. The dishes can simply be warmed in the oven before being served. She added that the desserts are a good match for “anyone with good taste,” and said, jokingly, that “You can even lie and say you made them.”

Her sweet potato pies sold like hot cakes last fall after singer James Wright Chanel made a viral video praising the pies. Both LaBelle and Walmart are likely hoping the new dishes will also be a big hit with customers.

“We were selling one per second for a while after his video went live,” the retail giant’s spokesman, John Forrest Ales, told CNN Money about the sweet potato pies. “He posted that video and we sold out and had to quickly make more, a million pounds.”

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