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Pay For Your Next Meal With Bitcoin? Maybe.

Pay For Your Next Meal With Bitcoin? Maybe.

By Victor Ochieng

With Bitcoin trending down in terms of value, the hype that it has generated is not going away. In fact, there is a Miami condo that is currently only selling to buyers using Bitcoin. Now, Celebrity Net Worth reports that you may be able to use Bitcoin to fund your next dinner out, courtesy of American businessman and TV personality Tilman Fertitta.

Fertitta is the CEO and owner of Houston-based Landry’s Inc., which owns Rainforest Cafe, Morton’s Steakhouse, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., and many more. Not a bad selection of places to choose from. “We try to always be on the cutting edge,” he said in an interview. “If I’m a betting man, I’m expecting [Bitcoin] is here to stay.”

Fertitta is diverting from some of his other fellow billionaires, like Warren Buffett who previously said he thinks the cryptocurrency movement is headed towards a bad end, but Fertitta sees otherwise. “People say they’re kind of invisible,” he continued. “Well, all money’s kind of invisible—it’s just a number on a paper. If you draw it out of a bank account, it’s the same thing.”

This has been a sentiment that many people have shared about Bitcoin, which made many people millionaires overnight during its meteoric rise at the end of last year. Today, it’s tough to determine if many of those people stayed millionaires. Concerns about government intervention caused the value to plummet during this month, but many people think that Bitcoin is not the entire cryptocurrency world, and believe that other forms of currency may fill the void in time as things level out.

Chances are that no matter what way this venture goes, Fertitta will be okay. A college dropout, he worked in several industries before beginning to open his restaurants, which would be the platform for his current financial success.

“A lot of folks give up too soon,” he added. “You have to keep fighting until someone shuts your door down.” In fairness, he would know about seeing his dreams come to fruition. One ambition of his was to own an NBA franchise, and at 60 years old last year, he purchased the Houston Rockets for $2.2 billion.


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