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Is Your Personality Impacting Your Business?

Is Your Personality Impacting Your Business?

By Ryan Velez

Many different business sources and experts have info out there on the best ways to run your business, however, at the end of the day, it is yours to run. This can be a double-edged sword, as the unique and personal touch you put on your business will help set you apart from the rest. At the same time, though, your personality may inform your business in a negative manner as well, even without you even noticing. Have you ever seen a customer service interaction that left you surprised as to how the employee or manager could act this way? Personality may play a subconscious role, and a recent Black Enterprise article has shown various different personality types and the way they may affect your business.

Some will tell you that there are two types of people in the world, introverts and extroverts. Many sing the praises of extroverts, especially in the business world, where networking is often king. However, part of being a successful extrovert in business is making sure you are in an environment that allows you to use these traits. Try to avoid confined areas or jobs where you don’t have contact with people. Instead, use customer service or situations where you get to work with others. If you are an extrovert, don’t feel that you can’t succeed either. While you may prefer working alone, you also likely think about problems and solutions before going into action. This measured approach is great for any business owner.

Personalities can also inform management style, and while there is no right or wrong answer here, you need to run your business accordingly. For example, a hands-on manager will always show that they are a part of the team by working at any rank to help out. However, don’t let this turn into micromanagement. The hands-on personality needs to learn to delegate, trust their employees, as well as be able to correct mistakes as they come up. A hands-off manager, on the other hand, puts people in place of the details while working on the bigger picture. If this is how you work, you need to vet your middlemen thoroughly to make sure you are working with people who can handle this work.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself into your business. However, being a business owner means being aware enough to leverage the most helpful aspects you have and tone down those that may impede your business’s mission.


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