Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida Divorce Saga Reaches End

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida Divorce Saga Reaches End

By Ryan Velez

Real Housewives of Atlanta personality Phaedra Parks has been trying to formally divorce her ex Apollo Nida for what seems like forever for those who have been following the former couple. After many twists and turns as well as false finishes, Bossip reports that this extended saga is finally over.

Notably, this end is very different to the various finishes that Phaedra had proclaimed only to have them overturned due to various issues both due to disputes from Apollo himself as the judge presiding over the case. These include Apollo trying to have the prenup they set up tossed out, reasoning that the couple’s financial situation drastically changed after getting on Real Housewives of Atlanta, despite Phaedra’s businesses, and that the prenup did not reflect this situation. At one point, Phaedra also misspelled his name on some important documents, necessitating a redo.

Finally, after months of deadlocks, the divorce is officially final, but there are still many questions out there that will need to be answered, not to mention the major point of contention in the divorce, how much money Apollo will get, considering that his recent legal issues have left him with very little assets. Phaedra had previously said that this shouldn’t affect anything and the prenup should be honored, seeing as his imprisonment was of his own making. Apollo is currently imprisoned for money fraud, a felony, and has approximately 6 years left on his sentence.

One thing that we do know is the custody of their two children. According to TMZ, the couple will share joint legal custody, and Phaedra will have primary physical custody. For all the back and forth this case has had, at least this portion of it seems to have had a logical end. Apollo will apparently get weekly phone calls with the children, which is about as much as one could ask for from prison. While the divorce is final now, the story may not be. Official documents are sealed, but we still don’t know what won out between the prenup and Apollo’s explanation. At the very least, it looks like the best decision regarding the children was made, which is one of the most important portions of any divorce, celebrity or not.


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