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President Obama Has To Apologize For Disrespecting Art History Majors

President Obama Has To Apologize For Disrespecting Art History Majors

By Barry Burch Jr.

The one thing that we all have in common in this world is our humanity.  No matter what heights you reach or what people refer to you as, even if you hold the highest office in the United States, mistakes can still happen.  Everyone makes mistakes.

With that being said, President Obama, mistakenly referred to art history degrees as less than desirable when compared to say – manufacturing.  President Obama was attempting to convey a message centered on the job market, but his “off the cuff” remarks caused many listening to him to lose sight.

A few weeks ago, the president told Americans (to the utter dismay of those with a degree in art history) that we would all be in better shape if people with art degrees were in the manufacturing industry.  While this is the president’s opinion, it does not seem that anyone is above having to make an apology.  The president has had to do so a number of times.  He had to apologize again for these most recent remarks.

Ann Collins Johns, an art historian and University of Texas at Austin professor, delivered a message on the White House website.  She claimed to be offended by the President’s comments with regard to art history.  She then goes on to explain the importance of art history and how art historians can help enrich the culture, as reported by Mediaite.

The White House proved to everyone that it does actually pay attention to messages on the website.  The president responded back to Johns’ message personally with an apology.  This is it in full:

Ann —

Let me apologize for my off-the-cuff remarks. I was making a point about the jobs market, not the value of art history. As it so happens, art history was one of my favorite subjects in high school, and it has helped me take in a great deal of joy in my life that I might otherwise have missed.

So please pass on my apology for the glib remark to the entire department, and understand that I was trying to encourage young people who may not be predisposed to a four year college experience to be open to technical training that can lead them to an honorable career.


Barack Obama

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